Arianne Morales
Other Names: Ari
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Nationality: Half-Latina
Faceclaim: n/a

Arianne Morales is one of the main characters of Black Falls.


Arianne Morales was born April 15, 1995 to a family living smack dab in the middle of Nevada. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and a slightly dark skin tone. She was the first of two children, with her brother Emile not far behind in 1999.

In 2004, the entire family moved out to the suburbs of Northern Georgia, as Arianne and Emile's father was transferred there for work. Arianne herself is a bit of a wild child, but generally maintains focus on her studies and interests - namely music, machines, and Korean dramas. She began learning to play guitar in middle school as a way to channel her energy, and, by the time she hit college, Arianne was ready to show off her talent with both a wrench and an axe.

She began majoring in Robotics at the University of North Georgia's Black Falls campus and subsequently started a pop-punk band called Triple-A with Adelaide Taylor and Annabel Jones, two others living in her dorm building. Shortly afterwards, she began dying the tips of her hair hot pink to match her trusty guitar. She's admittedly not very good at writing lyrics, but is more than willing to sing whatever Anna and Adel brings to the table, along with a rhythm to fit like a black leather glove.

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