Hifumi Yamada
Other Names: フミ (Fumi) - Stage Name
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Nationality: Japanese
Faceclaim: Fumi (POLYSICS)
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Hifumi Yamada (山田 一二実 Yamada Hifumi) is a Japanese high school student and musician created for an off-wikia world.


Although she definitely has the brash and intimidating aura that a delinquent would, Hifumi appears to have no problems with authority. This demeanor is the one she extends to hotheaded, reckless, and malicious people. Towards teachers and authority figures, however, she is respectful. Most others see a cool and masculine, if somewhat aloof personality when she interacts with them. Very few ever see her more protective and caring side.


As a freshman in high school, Hifumi and her classmate Kanayo Utahoshi were involved in an incident that left them both severely injured. Hifumi, understanding fully well that the outcome of the incident was directly due to her cocky attitude and reckless behavior, resolved to become a better person.

After undergoing rehabilitation to help her regain at least a partial ability to walk, she was transferred into a school for disabled students in order to finish her education. Although she is of age and stature to be a senior, her education level is that of a junior, due to studying at a slower pace while hospitalized.

Hifumi plays bass guitar in a band called "Mono Calibur", which was formed by some of her former classmates before the incident where she was injured, and goes by the name フミ (Fumi) on stage.

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