Kanayo Utahoshi
Other Names: カヨ (Kayo) - Former Stage Name
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Nationality: Japanese
Faceclaim: Kayo (POLYSICS)
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Kanayo Utahoshi (歌星 奏世 Utahoshi Kanayo) is a Japanese high school student and former musician created for an off-wikia world.


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As a freshman in high school, Kanayo and her classmate Hifumi Yamada were involved in an incident that left them both severely injured. The incident left Kanayo wheelchair-bound and mostly nonverbal.

Prior to the incident, Kanayo played the synthesizer in a band called "Mono Calibur", which was formed by some of her former classmates before the incident where she was injured, and went by the name カヨ (Kayo) on stage.

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